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Nicole asked 2 mėn. ago

What should I eat when visiting Lithuania? 🙂

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Vilia answered 2 mėn. ago

„Cepelinai“ – definitely number one dish in Lithuania. It’s a potato balls with meat inside. Lithuanians eat it with sour cream.
„Kraujiniai vėdarai“ – it’s a bit of a brutal dish. It’s basically a grains and a blood (real blood!) sausage.
„Šaltibarščiai“ – I know, it’s a difficult name, so in restaurant just ask for „pink soup“. It’s cold soup, which should be eaten with potatoes.
„Šakotis“ – if you want a dessert for tea, order Šakotis. Just remember, that not every cafe has it, so you probably will have to buy it shop.

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