QuestionsCategory: TransportationHow to go from Vilnius airport to city center?
Zack asked 7 months ago

What is the cheapest option to do that?

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Vilius answered 7 months ago

There is some options:

  • You can rent car from CityBee. There is a lot CityBee cars around the city. You just take one to travel whenever you want. More about that you can read here:
  • Call a taxi. But remember, it’ll be a lot cheaper if you call taxi by the phone. If you sit in taxi, who is waiting at the airport, you will pay for that additional money. Better to call a taxi and wait near the airport.
  • Take a bus. To the city centre you can travel with bus number 88. It cost 1 euro and you can buy ticket from bus driver.
  • Take a walk. Vilnius airport is not far away from centre and if you have free time, you can walk to the centre.

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