QuestionsCategory: PlacesBest neighborhood to rent an apartment in Vilnius?
Karem asked 7 months ago

In october I plan to start studying in Vilnius.
So right now I’m searching for an apartment. Can you tell me which neighborhoods are the safest. Big plus to live near oldtown 🙂

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Nely answered 7 months ago

In my entire life in Vilnius I was living in Šeškinė, Baltupiai, Fabijoniškės and now in Pašilaičiai or as local ones call it – Perkūnkiemis (new cheap neighbourhood).
I was feeling safe in every of those neighbourhoods. Don’t act inapropriate and everything will be fine 🙂
I can tell you where you should not live – it’s Naujininkai. Cheap rooms, but very unsafe place to go for a walk on the night or even in day time.

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